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About Salt Lake Aikikai

Salt Lake Aikikai was founded in November 2004.  We practice a traditional style of Aikido and are directly affiliated with the Aikikai "Hombu Dojo" in Tokyo, the headquarters of the original and largest Aikido organization in the world. 

Our emphasis is on fun, while assimilating the deep martial principles of the art.

Everyone is welcome: observers, beginners, and visitors alike. Our training is safe for all ages (14 and up) and all levels of athletic ability.

New to Aikido?

Here's what to expect:

Classes start at 7 p.m. sharp (3:30 on Saturday), but we typically arrive as early as 6:40 p.m. to set up (3:10 on Saturday).

Practices begin with a 20 min. warm-up focused on specific Aikido needs. For example, we train in ukemis (falls).

You do not need a 'gi' (white uniform) to start but we recommend you get one as soon as you know Aikido is something you want to pursue. The black pants (hakama) are not required in our dojo until you reach the rank of 2nd kyu. (See the FAQ for more on rank advancement.)

All skill levels train together and beginners are as important to train with as more experienced practitioners. Everyone—whatever her/his experience—adjusts to work with the partner. This is part of the training of harmony (the "ai" of Aikido).

We train both empty-handed and with weapons (jo staff, sword, and knife—all of wood). Each class, we will practice many different Aikido moves—with safety as the top priority (each person is responsible for respecting his or her own limits).  We also learn balance and how to focus our energy or "ki" (each one tries her/his best).

We do observe dojo etiquette (based on traditions that originated in Japan) as a way to show respect for the dojo.

In the end, paying attention, listening, and observing are the best ways to grow in Aikido. It is a solid and slow growth process ("do").

Contact Us

You can reach us by e-mail to aikido <AT> saltlakeaiki <DOT> org (replace the "<AT>" and "<DOT>" with their respective punctuation). Before you contact us, we invite you to review our Frequently Asked Questions